Why Rayon Socks Are Better Than Cotton

If you like to dress well and also feel comfortable throughout the day, it's important not to neglect your choice of socks, especially if you're considering whether rayon vs. cotton socks are right for you. Socks don't only keep feet warm and protected within your shoes. They can also provide additional support for feet, and they can add a particular element to a wearer's outfit. If you're a sock aficionado, there's a good chance that you've contemplated sock styles. After all, socks can be tailored and formal, or they can be fun and eye-catching, with bright colors and wacky patterns. However, one element of socks you may not have considered is their material.
Socks can be made from a huge range of materials. Wool socks succeed at keep people's feet warm in the wintertime. Silk socks look elegant but are cool and sleek feeling. If you are in search of the perfect socks for you, it can help to understand what socks are made out of, and which of those materials fit your taste and needs.
For a sock that looks pulled together but is also adequately protective of your feet, you may want to consider rayon or cotton socks. When making the decisions between rayon vs. cotton socks, it can help to understand what each fabric is, how each feels, what each is used for, and what considerations you should keep in mind when deciding the right sock material for you. Read on to learn more about rayon vs. cotton socks.

What is Rayon?

Rayon is a type of fabric that is made from purified cellulose fibers (from wood pulp or grass, like bamboo). These fibers are combined with chemicals, so rayon is technically a fabric that is semi-synthetic. Many people confuse viscose rayon with cotton. Because it is light and breathable it can feel a lot like cotton when worn. However, viscose rayon does not have any cotton in it, and it's a completely different material entirely. Rayon is commonly in shirts, pants, dresses, and, of course, socks.

What is Cotton?

If you're considering rayon vs. cotton socks, you are probably familiar with cotton. This natural fabric is made from the seed pod of a cotton plant. Cotton is famously breathable, which is why it is one of the most beloved fabrics to wear. It can be light and comfortable when the weather is warm, or it can be made thicker to insulate and protect when the weather is cool. Cotton can also be dyed easily, so it's commonly used to make colorful clothing, and it absorbs water, so it's a good choice to wear for a person who sweats regularly. Cotton is one of the most common materials that people use to make socks.

The Difference Between Rayon vs. Cotton Socks

If you are considering both rayon and cotton socks, it can help to understand the benefits each offers when worn on the feet.

The Benefits of Rayon Socks

Southern Scholar socks are made from a unique blend of 32S/1 polyester threads and viscose rayon fibers. This particular rayon blend is designed to provide the utmost level of comfort, fit and durability. In addition to polyester and rayon, our socks include a bit of nylon-spandex, which increases the degree to which our socks can stretch.

There are many benefits ot choosing rayon socks with this unique blend. First, a rayon blend is incredibly soft. This means that the socks are cozy and comfortable on your feet, and that they won't irritate you while you wear them. Also, thanks to the stretchy infusion of Nylon and Spandex, the socks can stretch to fit comfortably around your feet, and they can move as your feet move. This will keep your feet comfortable and not cramped while being active. Nylon and Spandex can also help keep the socks in place while you're wearing them, so they won't slide up and down your calf and cause discomfort. Finally, Southern Scholar socks' rayon appears almost silk-like in finish, and the socks appear vivid and bright in color. This ensures that they look good even after you wash and wear them, and that you can get as much use and wear out of them as possible.

The Benefits of Cotton Socks

Cotton is one of the coolest materials, and therefore, it can be a good choice to wear on your feet, if your feet tend to get warm or sweaty (especially on hot days). Cotton is also breathable (more breathable than a synthetic fabric), which can help to keep your foot comfortable no matter the temperature or activity. Also, processing cotton is a shorter and less intensive process than processing rayon, and it takes 7 steps to process cotton and 19 to process rayon.

Why Choose Rayon Socks?

If you want to wear socks that are the most comfortable, durable, and long-lasting, choose socks made from rayon. Ultimately, while cotton can be cool and breathable, rayon boasts a multitude of benefits that make it a better choice for socks. Rayon can be incredibly soft (softer than cotton of any kind). It does not build up static electricity; it is easily dyed; and it does not pill, meaning it stays in good shape for longer than a natural material would.

Southern Scholar socks are made from a unique rayon blend that's not only incredibly durable, but also soft, moisture-wicking, and able to retain its shape no matter who is wearing the socks. As an added bonus, our rayon holds color incredibly well, so your socks will look new and vibrant as you continue to wear them.

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