We're on our feet for a great deal of time during the day. Commuting into work, walking around the office, going for a run, working out at the gym, taking the dog out ... the opportunities for movement are endless. Our feet are always active, always moving. They're the engine that keeps life going.
Sweaty feet, then, are a fact of life. Sweat comes with exertion, and if you're on your feet a lot - or if you happen to live in a warmer climate - they're going to get sweaty. That can make for an uncomfortable experience. After all, who likes walking around in sweaty, wet socks?

So, what are the best type of socks for sweaty feet? There are plenty of different styles and materials out there, so let's break down the pros and cons of them here.
  • Wool socks are the heaviest socks out there. While they may look cool and be very warm for the winter months, they're a terrible option for the warmer weather and any type of exertion. Not only can wool be scratchy and uncomfortable on bare skin, the construction of wool fiber naturally holds in feet. That means that in hot temperatures, your feet will roast even more - and that equals even more sweat. 

    Bottom line with wool socks: they're suitable for some very specific warmer months and particular occasions. Every other time, stick with something more comfortable for your feet. 

  • Cotton socks were popular on the market for many, many years. However - as the world is now realizing - cotton socks are a poor choice for combatting the sweat that comes along with warm temperatures and exercise (take a look at this article for some more about the topic). 

    The fibers in cotton socks actually hold in moisture and sweat. With exercise, exertion, and hot temperatures, that combination of material and moisture can quickly cause blisters to pop up on your feet. Additionally, cotton's qualities make cotton-clad feet ripe for irritation and skin fungus problems.

    The bottom line? If you're going to sweat, don't go with cotton socks.

  • Polyester blend socks provide a comfortable medium for sweaty feet. Instead of trapping sweat in to to the fabric - as cotton socks do - polyester socks gently wick the moisture away from the exposed skin. That means that socks don't stay damp and blisters don't pop up as they would in cotton material.

    They're also cool socks. Quite literally. The cutting-edge blends in polyester socks are specifically designed to increase breathability and ventilation. That means that your feet won't boil as they would with heavy wool socks. Another bonus? When polyester socks get wet - as all socks do on occasion - they'll dry out quickly. If moisture gets into cotton or wool socks, it sticks around forever - leading to plenty of uncomfortable feeling. 

    Bottom line? Polyester socks are the way to go for sweaty feet. Let's take the customized socks from the sock of the month club offerings here at Southern Scholar, for example. The Southern Scholar sock offers a unique material blend of 32s/1 polyester. This blend is tailored to absorb and wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

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