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Classic Casual: The Power of Argyle Socks

The classic argyle style may just scream "old-school." It's likely that you witnessed your father - or your grandfather - sporting a classic pair of argyle socks during your childhood. As such, they may seem old-fashioned or even passe to your modern tastes.

man wearing red and blue argyle socks

In fact, the opposite is very much true. Argyle's power lies in its classic, captivating design. It's as fashionable now as it has ever been - and will continue to be for generations to come.

Even the backstory of the argyle pattern is captivating. This Washington Post op-ed has a nice history of Argyle, which comes from the rebellious Scottish Campbell clan of the 17th century. It grew in prominence along with the popularity of golf, as the pattern became a preferred choice for those taking to the links (the late, great American golfer Payne Stewart was a devotee of the old-school style, for example).

man wearing blue and grey argyle socks

In the modern era, argyle socks provide a way to integrate some classic style into a modern business outfit without ever appearing too flashy or tacky. They're both strikingly unique and solidly professional - conservative in nature, but confident in appearance.

Our new line of Winter Argyles takes full advantage of the argyle socks' best qualities. Available in red, blue, and green complemented by charcoal and light grey.

red, blue, and green argyle socks


These Argyles are designed specifically for a traditionalist look with a bit of pop. They are perfect for just about any situation that needs a classic dash of style. Business meetings, first dates, romantic anniversaries, or just a night out on the town are all made more memorable with the argyle sock look.

Argyle is only one of the great styles that we offer here at Southern Scholar. Check all of our argyle styles out here!

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