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Socks are funny little things. Everybody needs them, but almost nobody wants to buy them. Many men will wear the same pair of socks until they barely retain the properties of a solid, which for some brands doesn’t take long. And yet, a good pair of socks remains the cornerstone of any stylish outfit but are often overlooked. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about how great dress socks will improve any outfit, why your socks say a lot about who you are, why it’s important to properly style them with the rest of your look, and how a monthly sock subscription works.

Sock Subscription


Every day we pull on a fresh pair of socks, but never really think about why we wear them. Dig a little deeper and you’ll realize that socks actually serve several purposes. Aside from keeping your feet dry and comfortable, they add a protective barrier which protects both your feet and that new pair of shoes you just bought. Socks also minimize friction, stopping your shoes from rubbing painfully against your skin and causing blisters. Absolutely nobody likes blisters. Finally, socks absorb sweat as well as moisture from rain and snow, protecting your skin and preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus. Good socks will actually ‘wick’ this moisture away – pulling it from your skin to the outside of the sock, where it evaporates much faster. Without healthy feet, day-to-day life suddenly becomes very uncomfortable. Socks are more than just an accessory that pairs nicely with the rest of your look – they’re also an important part of staying happy and healthy. Alright, that’s enough health advice for now. Let’s talk about the important stuff….

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Socks are just like everything else we buy – not all of them are created equal. A good starting point to look for is the material, which plays a large role in the comfort, longevity, and ability to keep your feet dry and comfortable. We specifically make our dress socks with 32S/1 Polyester threads, some of which is blended with Viscose Rayon for an added silky-smooth finish. This blend of materials provides an incredibly soft feel, increased durability, and superior ‘wicking’, absorbing moisture away from your skin and allowing it to evaporate naturally. We then add in a small dose of Nylon and Spandex to provide a uniform stretch throughout the entire sock and to keep them in place, without stretching out and losing their shape, all day long.

Polyester Socks

Our unique material blend guarantees long-term comfort and durability – ensuring the socks will stretch naturally and stay comfortably in place. If you’ve ever worn cheap socks that constantly sag – you know exactly what we’re talking about. Many cheap socks are made with generic cotton. This may sound good, but it’s far from ideal. Cotton socks lose their shape, increase friction against your shoes, and are poor at wicking away moisture. Once cotton socks get wet – they stay wet. Save the cotton for your t-shirts. Next is the needle count. All of our socks are made with a 200 needle count knitting process, which is the highest quality standard in hosiery. Socks with such a high needle count are denser without being thicker – and have a superior feel, increased lifetime, and hold colors far better for that luxurious finish. Considering how much time we all spend on our feet – we truly believe that only the best and most comfortable socks will do. Backed by our 100% money back guarantee – we think you’ll agree.


Many men still underestimate how crucial a good pair of dress socks is to the perfect outfit. When you see a sharply dressed man, immediately you know that the outfit works. You may not always be able to pinpoint exactly why that is – there’s just a visual harmony to the whole outfit. The style, the colors, the fit – it all effortlessly comes together. Conversely – the same goes for bad outfits. Straight away, something looks off. The colors don’t match. The fit looks too tight or too loose. There’s a combination of styles that don’t mix. It looks uncomfortable. It just doesn’t work. Dress socks are one of the most underrated parts of any professional or business casual outfit. Not only are they important to your overall color and style – they help to exude confidence and personality.


  • Dress socks should always be worn with dress shoes.
  • If you’re pairing colors, use your socks to complement your trousers, shirt, or pocket square.
  • No white socks. Ever.
  • When pairing your socks – for a more classic look pick a pair that is of a similar hue to your trousers or, for a more styled look, contrast the color of your pants while complementing that of your shirt, tie, or pocket square. Remember, never match patterns of your socks to that of your tie, shirt, or square too closely.
  • No white socks. Ever!
  • Dress socks should always be pulled up, and they should stay up. Never allow your legs to be exposed. With Southern Scholar Socks you won’t have to worry about this one.

At Southern Scholar, our monthly sock subscription includes expert styling and color advice – to help ensure you’ll always know the best way to combine your new socks with your outfit regardless of the occasion.


Rock legends ZZ Top said it best. “…every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” Whether it’s right or wrong – our first impression of somebody is generally how they look. And nothing makes a man look better than a well-styled outfit and the added confidence it provides. Socks are one of the few pieces of a man’s outfit that can add color and personality in a way that compliments the entire outfit – rather than detracting from it. Bold, patterned dress socks immediately say a lot about who you are. They tell people you’ve got personality. That you’re confident. That you’re bold, and not afraid to try something a little different. You want to look good – but you’re not willing to look the same as everyone else. Anyone can wear safe, matching colors. And most people do. A dark suit, dark socks, and dark shoes. For some people that’s fine – they’d prefer to go unnoticed. But many men have the desire to stand out and to be an individual – even if they don’t always know the best way to go about it. With our monthly delivery of dress socks combined with our own expert styling advice – wearing an outfit that emanates class and confidence is made very simple. The more subtle aspects of a suit – such as the socks or the pocket square – not only complete your look in a somewhat modest way. To keen observers – they also signify that you take pride in what you wear and that you’re the type of person who pays attention to the smaller details. For many women – these are some of the most desirable qualities a man can have.



Southern Scholar Socks is the result of several years of inspiration and research. We’re on a mission to help every man look as good as possible – from the feet up. Our dress socks are stylish, made from the best possible materials – and help all men to showcase a unique individual style. With a monthly sock subscription, you’ll receive a new pair of premium, dapper dress socks delivered to your door every 4 weeks. Our dress socks are hand-designed, unique in pattern and color – and will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. As well as great socks – every package also comes with our unique signature style card. This features a head-to-toe style guide, professional pairing recommendations, as well as suggestions for the perfect business casual or business professional outfit. Our dress socks are amazing. And comfortable. And we know it. So much so, if you’re not 100% happy with your new monthly pair – we’ll replace or refund your order, no questions asked. At Southern Scholar, we’re much more than just a sock company. We like to inform, educate, and help men all over the world take their style to the next level – and be comfortable while doing it. Are you looking for some further inspiration? Check out our look book. Or for more information on our new monthly sock subscription, click here.

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