2019 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Guys | Southern Scholar

2019 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Guys | Southern Scholar

Hey, gentlemen - Kevin Wohlman here. Each year I crack open a bottle of my favorite whiskey and begin drafting my annual holiday gift guide for all of you. Truthfully, I don’t plan this list out at all ahead of time. I just throw on some music, grab a bottle (this year’s choice was actually featured in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide) and put together a list of items that I personally can’t live without and cool finds that I discovered over the past year. I hope you enjoy and, more importantly, discover something to either gift yourself or a loved one this holiday season!


#7 Everlane – The Bomber Jacket | Uniform - $88

The entire Uniform Collection by Everlane is worth checking out, but the Navy Bomber is certainly my favorite. Everlane does basics different, focusing on sustainability and durability among all else. For $88 this bomber is an absolute steal, before even taking into account that it has a 365 day guarantee.

Everlane Navy Bomber Jacket

#6 The Bellroy Recycled Collection – The 20L Classic Back - $139

When I travel, I prefer to carry-on my luggage. Being that I am always working while on the road I also need to bring my laptop, notebook, and all the other essentials when I’m traveling. Bellroy’s new recycled collection is incredible on concept alone, but their Classic Backpack is not only made with complete sustainability in mind, but total functionality and organization as well.

#5 Hook & Albert – Men’s Navy Twill Garment Weekender Bag - $440

Continuing with the theme of traveling, whether for a wedding or for work, I can’t remember the last time I traveled without at least one suit. As I mentioned, I don’t like carrying more than a duffel and a backpack so a duffel bag that also features a garment bag makes this an easy achievement.

 #4 Vincero Watches – The Chrono S – Rose Gold & White - $169

Vincero makes arguably the best watches for under $200. They are incredibly versatile while being classy enough to take your suit to the next level and casual enough to be worn with chinos and a sweater. Even better, you can add bands of different colors and textures to ensure it pairs perfectly with the rest of your look. The Chrono S in Rose Gold and White is personal favorite.


#3 Dapper Woodworks – Walnut Pocket Square and Tie Organizer - $140

To be honest, any of the products from Dapper Woodworks would make the perfect gift but the Tie and Square rack is my personal favorite. Pocket squares in particular are very hard to store without being folded, which causes brutal creasing. This pocket square organizer (which can hold ties as well) is the perfect solution. Everything that Dapper Woodworks creates is handmade so you know you’re getting a one of a kind piece.

 #2 Southern Scholar – Perfect Pairings |Complementary Tie, Pocket Square, and Dress Socks - $225

It wouldn’t be the Annual Southern Scholar Gift Guide without plugging our newly launched product! Plus, you’ll have the perfect way to store your new Southern Scholar ties and pocket squares via the Dapper Woodworks organizer above! We've spent the last 5 years perfecting the dress sock and are now proud to announce the new Southern Scholar Small Batch Tie & Pocket Square Collections. We've partnered with a small family artisan with over 50 years of experience to create our own line of ties and pocket squares, all 100% handcrafted in Italy with the finest 100% Italian silks. Hand stitched, hand rolled, and hand tipped to ensure superior quality. Whether you're a style savant or need a little help putting together the perfect outfit, our Perfect Pairings will have you leaving the house with confidence. Each Perfect Pairing comes with a complementary tie and pocket square, both handmade in Italy using 100% Italian silk, as well as your choice from our list of recommended matching dress socks. Just add the suit and you've got the perfect look for any occasion!



#1 Richards Bespoke – Custom Clothing Packages - $640 - $4,600

Looking to get heavily personal? How about something built custom for you or the gift recipient? Stephen Richards, Jr., over at Richards Bespoke, is not just another “custom clothier” who will take the basic measurements and send them off to who knows where to get your suit made, he’s a Certified Master Bespoke Clothier guaranteed to give you the experience, fit, and quality that you deserve. Today, the title “Custom Clothier” is heavily overused and often ends in disappointment and a garment that fits slightly better than something off the rack but for twice the price. Richards Bespoke does things differently by providing a true bespoke experience. They also offer a TON of packages that are perfect for gifting. I haven’t yet worked with Stephen, but I wouldn’t be endorsing his shop without personal recommendations and lengthy research of my own and I look forward to getting my first suit with him in the next couple of months.


This years is short and sweet but if you're interested in seeing our past gift guides you can check them out here!

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I hope you and your family have an incredible holiday season!



Kevin Wohlman
Founder | CEO

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