The Procrastinators Guide to Holiday Gifts for Him
Southern Scholar Socks | Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Merry Christmas, everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kevin Wohlman and I’m the founder over here at Southern Scholar. I know it’s Christmas, and I know all of you managed to get everyone on your list that perfect gift long before the holiday season this year. BUT, just in case you missed someone, we’re here to save the day with our guide to the perfect holiday gifts for today’s gentlemen.

#7 Ermenegildo Zegna | Silk Tie

Ermenegildo Zenga SIlk Tie

This brand in particular speaks to me due to their commitment to excellence which is something that I place a heavy focus on with our products here at Southern Scholar. The moment you pick up one of their ties you can immediately feel the quality which is only heightened when you’ve put it around your neck and tied your favorite knot. The bold texture you get in your knot from these ties is incredible – in fact it’s almost unrivaled. Every guy needs a tie worthy of his favorite suit and this is one of my absolute favorite brands. Some of you may be thinking “$200+ for a tie?!” but I can promise you that once you put it on, you won’t ever want to take it off.

Fair warning, however, that once you buy your first Ermenegildo Zegna tie, it will be hard to go back to your old ties.

Silk Ties – $195-$275


#6 LFLS Shoes | Gloria Boot

Gloria Boot

If you’re looking for a Chelsea boot unlike the rest, these are for you. The detail in the darkened suede toes and heels really makes these boots stand out. Their slim profile makes them perfect for wearing with Chinos or Jeans. Humbly priced at $299, you can’t go wrong with these.

Gloria Boots – $299


#5 Felix Gray | Roebling Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Roebling Felix Gray Glasses

This is an item I use all day, every day. Running a startup comes with A LOT of screen time and, for me, these are life-saving. Felix Gray provides blue light filtering glasses that can reduce eye strain, stop headaches, and help you sleep better if you’re one who stares at a screen up until the time they go to bed, like me. I noticed the heavy decrease in eye strain the moment I put these on and sat in front of my laptop. I was never one to get headaches, but was constantly battling watery eyes and blurry vision from staring into a screen for such long periods of time. These glasses come in prescription, non-prescription, and non-prescription + magnifying. I personally wear the Roebling Glasses in Sazerac Crystal and could not be more happy with them.

Non-Prescription or Magnifying -$95
Prescription – $145


#4 Cashs Ireland | Crystal Scotch Glasses

Cashes Ireland Scotch Glass

Something about drinking scotch/whiskey/whisky out of a solid crystal 3OF (Triple Old Fashioned) glass and these are some of my favorite. Large enough for a rocks cocktail or sipping anything neat. Annestown is a small seaside village situated on one of the most beautiful stretches of Ireland’s Copper coast. Sharp fissured basalt, sparkling sea, and salt spiced air are the inspiration for this fresh new pattern. The design is created by a series of diagonal and horizontal cuts that form the base of the pattern. Keen but pleasing to the touch, it has the quality of the rocky coastline that inspired it. Rising from this are rosette sprays interlaced with finer cuts that merge with clear crystal reminiscent of the sea, churned to surf that ascends back to the heavens creating a sparkling unity that can only be matched by sunshine reflecting off the ocean surface. If you can’t tell by the description, these are very well made.

Scotch Glass – $75


#3 Daniels NYC | Model No. 1 Briefcase

Daniels NYC Model 1 Briefcase

Every guy needs a nice briefcase to replace that backpack you’ve been carrying since college. When it comes to a high-quality, minimalist, every day briefcase, this is everything you could ever want. An elegant leather construction combined with practical features like interior slots for your cell phone, business cards, or notebook make this your ideal everyday briefcase. I personally use the Model No. 1 in brown, which fits my 15” laptop, charger, mouse, and notebook perfectly. Made with 100% Brazilian leather, it’s an elegant gift that will get plenty of use.

Model No. 1 Briefcase – $220


#2 Toro Luna | Ventalló Watch – $105

*Full Disclosure* – I featured this same watch last year, and it is still one of my favorites. So, I’m not even going to update the description and we’re repeating the contest.

Believe me when I tell you that this is the best minimalist watch you can buy for under $200. I own 8 of them and they are my daily go-to watch. The beauty is in the simplicity. You can dress them up or down and add a bit of class to any look. They’re a brand new company, just like us, and already making waves in the timepiece sector. I’m not sure what they do different with their bands but they are so comfortable you’ll forget you have it on. I find myself stepping into the shower or getting into bed forgetting it’s still on my wrist. Like I said, I own 8 of them, and a couple haven’t even been worn. In fact, let’s have some fun.
Signup for our Newsletter by emailing us at with the subject “TORO LUNA” and we’ll enter you into a drawing to win one of my brand new Toro Luna watches. Winners announced after the New Year. You won’t be disappointed.

Ventalló Watch – $105


#1 Southern Scholar Socks | 1 Year Gentleman Membership

Winter Box

What else could it have been? Our signature material blend is unmatched, everything is designed in house and from scratch with a specific business casual and business professional outfit in mind, style advice is included, and we guarantee that if you don’t love them for ANY reason you get your money back.
Dress socks that stand the test of time, make a statement, and stay up and keep you comfortable throughout your entire workday. That’s a gift we can get behind!

Dress Sock Subscription – $165

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