Every Layer Is An Opportunity

Use the cold to your advantage and try adding different materials to your wardrobe. Texture and patterns make it easier to pair your workwear with accessories like ties, scarves, and socks.

Layering up not only keeps you warm but also adds depth to your style. Consider heavier or thicker fabrics, especially with a well-tailored overcoat. Winter-weight wools, flannels, and tweeds will do the trick. These fabrics add another dimension by using their textures to heighten your style. When it comes to color selection, it’s best to stick with darker and more subtle tones. You can tie the look together with a nice sweater or fitted vest. The color can even be monochrome, but look for different weaving patterns to set you apart.

Guy wearing purple dress socks

Casual, But Not Too Casual

Everyone wants to dress more casually when the week is over but stick to the same outerwear principles. Use thicker wool, cotton, and cashmere when it comes to mid-layers. Twill and flannel shirts are a great base and work with both casual and semi-formal outfits. Heavyweight chinos and denim are a particularly good pairing to build a weekend outfit.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

Accessories give you endless options for creativity. Ties and pocket squares are an easy way to add some fun texture. Skip your traditional summer ties and go for something knit or wool. Knit ties provide an eye-catching visual texture that complements an outfit. Wool ties are more subtle and offer a classic look to your workwear. The same applies to pocket squares but try and stick with cotton, polyester, and wool for the winter. Always remember, your pocket square pattern should NEVER match that of your tie, shirt, or socks. The same material is okay, but add more depth with different colors or patterns that really round out your look.

Finally, The Footwear

Whether you're opting for a nice dress shoe or some Goodyear welt boot, your sock selection is pivotal. Cool socks, our favorite part of the wardrobe, are what will really finish off an outfit. The best dress socks bring that final balance between the rest of your look. We recommend sticking to warmer colors such as navy, cranberry, and green for the colder months. Options like The Penmen” and “The Crimson Kings”, which stick to the darker and more subtle tones of winter, are perfect. They play extremely well with dark grays and navy but are versatile enough for a heavy khaki or denim.

Crimson Dress Socks and Chelsea Boots

Whatever it is you decide for your winter, work, or weekend wear we at Southern Scholar are here for you. Our sock of the month club and men’s subscription boxes take the guesswork out of finding a great pair of socks. Check out our unique style guides on each pair of men’s socks, or our weekly blog for tips and tricks to keep you from blending into the crowd.

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