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Quality In Every Thread

In a world of fast fashion, it’s common to come across companies that place precedence on the quick and easy processes over a commitment to superior quality. At Southern Scholar, we partner exclusively with expertly skilled factories, source only the best materials, and meticulously design each and every pair of socks in-house. Using classic color pallets and timeless designs, we pay close attention to detail to produce quality socks you’ll love. In fact, we’re so confident in our product that if they aren’t the best dress socks you’ve ever worn, we’ll give you your money back.

The Foundation:

The last 3 years have been dedicated to crafting the perfect blend of materials to deliver to you a truly superior product. Utilizing the 200 Needle Count Knitting process, paired with our Signature Material Blend, we’re able to present a one-of-a-kind sock built specifically to stay in place throughout your workday while adding a subtle touch of sophistication to your everyday attire.

Dress Sock Attributes

Our Signature Material Blend:

We begin by blending the finest 32S/1 Polyester threads money can buy with Viscose Rayon fibers to provide an unparalleled level of comfort, fit, and durability. Next, we add a small dose of Nylon-Spandex to enhance the degree of stretch our socks can achieve and ensure they remain in place without causing constricting or discomfort on your calf. The combination of these threads creates a silk-like finish in beautifully vivid color that doesn’t fade after being washed and worn. Every pair of Southern Scholar socks are guaranteed to retain their shape to prevent the hassle of drooping throughout the day.


So, Why Aren’t Our Competitors Using These Materials?

It’s a simple concept. Generic cotton is cheap, trouble-free to source, and universally familiar amongst a broad range of consumers. In short — it’s the easy way out.

At Southern Scholar, we continuously, and stylishly, walk the road less traveled. Zero cotton is knit into our socks. Every thread that composes a pair of Southern Scholar socks is strategically sourced, custom dyed, and knit with care to our unique design specifications that we’ve developed in-house here in Dallas, Texas.

Why We Go The Extra Mile:

There are two ways to do things in life; the easy way and the right way. In our eyes, the right way takes time, but it’s a small price to pay to create the best dress socks that money can buy. Southern Scholar’s focus is on sculpting a movement around elegance — taking honor in the opportunity to help each and every member create the look they desire. We exist to provide an indulgence that is well worth the investment while adding ease to the process of achieving daily elegance with our sock subscription models. We want you coming back for more of our quality, exceptional customer service, and original designs.


Still not convinced?

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