Winter is upon us, and as the days become increasingly shorter and colder men often default to their basic spring/summer office attire (slacks and a dress shirt) with the addition of a North Face or Patagonia Jacket. What is often misconceived is that cold weather actually provides more of an opportunity to stand out and improve your daily style, not less. Winter means layers, which also means options. So step out of your comfort zone, try some new things and, most importantly, break out some layers. It’s time to pull those blazers, sweaters, vests, scarves, and trench coats out of the back of your closet and give them some new meaning.

Man in Winter Apperal

With gloomy, darker days, those natural fabrics, neutral and darker tones will be your best friend. This means those grays, browns, blacks, and dark blues and greens are back in. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of color and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to leave the house looking dull and boring. An easy way to do this is through your layering and accessories. Add some color with your sweater or vest to contrast with the neutral tones of your base layers. Patterns like plaid, windowpane, and gingham are more subtle ways to brighten your look.

3 Pairs of Socks Winter

Another great way to bring out some color is through your accessories. Think pocket squares, ties, scarves and, of course, socks. Our 2018 Fall/Winter sock line is the perfect addition to your wardrobe on even the darkest of winter days. Our newest dress sock line features some incredible options to make your darker suits standout. Our “Penman” sock, a navy dress sock with a bold canary yellow polka dot pattern, will fit perfectly with those of you that prefer to utilize your blues and dark grays throughout the winter season. For those of you that prefer a lighter grey or black colored suit, The “Casino Royales” are just for you. They are a charcoal grey sock, featuring bold red and black stripes. These socks are great examples of how you can add a bit of color on those cold days and we always provide head-to-toe styling advice with each pair of dress socks to help you style them properly with the use of watches, pocket squares, and ties. We’ll show you which socks pair with which color suits and give detailed recommendations of accessory patterns and colors to complement our socks and help you get the most out of your look.

Dresser Full of Color Ties

Now, we’ve talked about layering and how to bring out some color in your winter wardrobe, but let’s not forget about the opportunities provided when bringing in different textures as well. This is a visibly pleasing touch, that is easy to do and will help you stand out and put some depth in your looks this winter season. Pairing a knit sweater with a crisp dress shirt and slacks is a perfect example of this, my personal favorite combination of this is a white dress shirt underneath a cranberry wool/cashmere sweater. Don’t be afraid to layer with your suit, either. Take the above combo and add in a textured grey suit and some brown single monk strap shoes. This is a subtle yet great combination. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to add some texture to your life.

Using these quick tips, paired with your personal style will add that extra touch you might be missing in those long cold winter months. You will have a genuine, organic, and original look that will help you stand out amongst your peers.

As always, if you ever have any questions on style etiquette or pairing your socks, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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