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“Though it seems like a lifetime ago, it was just under two years ago that we shipped our first pair of socks.”

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Though it seems like a lifetime ago, it was just under two years ago that we shipped our first pair of socks. We are forever grateful to everyone that has been with us since the beginning and welcome anyone who is new to the brand! Without the support from each and every one of you this beautiful journey would not be possible.

Man with Purple,White, and Grey Socks


For those who haven’t tried our service, or are wondering what we’re all about, don’t let the name fool you. Although we design every sock with a subtle elegance, paying tribute to the classic and conservative style of the south, our members are from all over the world and of all walks of life. What they share is a desire to dress with the same class and dignity as their fathers and grandfathers before them, but with a modern twist all of their own. In short, they put a lot of thought into their wardrobe, be it business or casual. By not only creating socks that are unique and professional, but by also providing styling recommendations for each pair we create, we’re honored to help each and every one of our members get the most out of their look.

Since our launch back in November of 2015, the response we’ve received from our members as well as our fans on InstagramTwitter and Facebook has been overwhelmingly positive and that’s why we’ve created this newsletter and blog—to take our relationship beyond photos and 40 characters.

The Gift that Keeps Giving Sock Subscription


We hope you’ll join us on our journey as we tell you more about our brand and product; get to know some of our subscribers (stay tuned for member features!); take a closer look at classic men’s style and fashion; introduce design competitions; and explore people, places and products that share the Southern Scholar mentality of advancing tradition by bringing it into the 21st century.
Stay tuned and until then …

Kevin Wohlman
Southern Scholar

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