“Before producing our first pair of socks for sale, I designed and sampled dozens of pairs in different material blends, sizes, and cuts…


Cotton Socks


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kevin Wohlman and I’m the Founder over here at Southern Scholar. I began working on the concept for Southern Scholar a few years back, when I was a 23 years old recent college grad. I started this company for two primary reasons. One, I loved socks. Two, I hated socks. In my opinion, the perfect pair of dress socks can not only heighten your outfit but your mood as well. And, to that same effect, a poor pair can ruin your look and your day. Everything I could find on the market lacked at least one necessity. They were soft but poor quality, uncomfortable but durable, unique but tacky, what have you. I didn’t think we should have to settle for this style of hosiery, so I did something about it and created my own.

Before we produced our first pair of socks for sale, I created dozens of samples using countless material blends, sizes, and cuts and sourced them from over 30 manufacturers. For the most part, I wasn’t impressed. They would stretch out and lose their shape, bunch up and slide down, absorb moisture and get smelly (I’m looking at you cotton), and even fall apart.

Truthfully, it was half dumb luck and half dedication and testing that allowed me to discover what I have found to be the ideal material blend for dress socks. I have spent the better part of the past four years sampling and researching to find what I consider to be the “secret sauce”, known as our Signature Material Blend, to creating the perfect dress sock.

Old Cotton Socks

Southern Scholar Socks

It all starts with the 200 Needle Count Knitting process, which is the highest standard in hosiery. This knitting process allows for:

  • A finer, yet denser, and more durable stitching.
  • A softer feel resulting in a more comfortable sock.
  • More vivid colors and a longer lifetime.

Next, comes our Signature Material Blend. We only use the highest-grade 32S/1 Polyester, blended with Viscose Rayon fibers which:

  • Creates a sock with more stretching capability, providing a better fit.
  • Helps socks keep their shape and retain their soft feel longer.
  • Provides a silk-like finish and a better breath-ability than Cotton.

And, finally, we use a unique cut and weave Nylon and Spandex throughout the pattern of the sock to:

  • Increase the stretch and keep it consistent throughout.
  • Comfortably hold the ribbed cuff to your calf to keep your socks up without constricting.
  • Provide a more tailored fit which forms to your foot and leg

The moment I felt the first samples using this blend I knew I had found the one.


In Style,

Kevin Wohlman
Founder & President
Southern Scholar

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