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Southern Scholar Founder

Kevin Wohlman, Southern Scholar Founder

Kevin Wohlman, 26-year-old Founder of Southern Scholar, believes that although fashion is constantly changing, classic styles will always remain – and he portrays this through every dress sock he designs.

Upon graduating from Arizona State University in 2014, Wohlman began working your typical post-grad-entry-level job at a Big 4 accounting firm in Dallas, TX. It was here that he began to notice a trend among his coworkers and, in that, a need for a better dress sock option. What he found was that almost every guy in his office, at least those who seemed to care about their appearance, were wearing some sort of designed sock – no longer were the days of plain blacks, browns, and blues. Wohlman, a sock aficionado himself, was having a hard time finding dress socks that he found stylish, yet office appropriate and, even worse, every brand he explored seemed to lack either comfort, fit, or quality. So, he set out to do what entrepreneurs do best and created his own solution. Through a unique and high-quality material blend, classic color blends, and timeless designs, Wohlman is finally providing today’s gentlemen with a dress sock option that meets their every need.

Where he saw a need, he found a passion and Southern Scholar was born.



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