As the seasons change from fall and winter to spring and summer, there’s another season that comes marching in: wedding season. The warmer months are fertile ground for nuptials. For many of us, that means that many of our upcoming weekends are going to be spent raising glasses in toasts and embarrassing ourselves on the dance floor (along with everyone else, we’re certain).

With many of these weddings comes a sacred duty – the groomsman life. Being a groomsman is a choice recognition; it means you’ve been carefully selected by a close friend or relative to serve in a place of honor alongside them at their wedding day.

That particular honor requires a special effort when it comes to dressing for the day. After all, you don’t want to look like a slob for the person who chose you for this spot alongside them. So, along with the prescribed outfits that your groomsman has picked out comes an essential piece of the ensemble–the socks. Your sock footwear is a vital part of any groomsman attire. Here’s what you need to remember when selecting your socks as a groomsman:

  • First – and most importantly – don’t go gimmicky or flashy with your choices of socks. This isn’t a place to make those kinds of fashion waves (unless, of course, an outrageous style is requested explicitly by the groom). Conservative, but stylish, is the route to go down there. Some of our best dress socks (like the Fall-Winter 2018-2019 collection) fit the bill perfectly.
  • Second – if you have some flexibility with your sock choice, be sure they go with your outfit. Familiarize yourself with our guide to pairing your socks with your outfit before you make a selection.
  • Third, and final, rule – if the specific socks have already been picked out for you by the groomsman, stick with them. There’s no need to go rogue with your look for the pictures and stand out by going your own way. Heed the wishes of the groom.

Interested to see what the sock of the month club by Southern Scholar can provide for your groomsmen duties this year? The cool socks in this sock subscription service (ranked as one of the top subscription boxes for men by The Adult Man) provide a perfect style for any wedding. These cool dress socks are of the highest quality, with a unique material blend that remains soft and durable and retains its shape from one wedding to another. The styles of these men’s socks are designed from scratch in-house for the men’s subscription boxes we provide. Peruse our lookbook to see what socks might pair well with your groomsmen’s outfit!

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