The Introduction

Hello, gentlemen. My name is Kevin Wohlman and I’m the founder over here at Southern Scholar. In 2014, I was a recent college grad with high entrepreneurial aspirations in the menswear world. The problem; I was sitting at a desk in a large financial firm doing mindless work that I had no passion for. While at this cubical, I spent half of my time pondering ideas for potential business ventures and the other half pulling my socks back up as they drooped down my leg. At lunch I found myself examining the people around me, all dressed in business attire, mindlessly grabbing food to-go as they headed back to their offices. I couldn’t seem to stop my mind from analyzing how the people around me were styling their work-wear. The common theme I found across almost every guy I saw was a plain slack, solid dress shirt, and a pair of dress shoes or loafers. Monotonous, but it got the job done.

The Inspiration

As jackets and ties became less prevalent in modern work environments, the men who seemed to enjoy showing a bit of personal style were all turning to patterned dress socks to steer away from an otherwise identical look. I too was a huge fan of patterned socks, but for the life of me couldn’t find a brand that produced unique but professional dress socks that fit comfortably and stood the test of time.

Pursuing My Passion

After just a few months at my new job, I had the idea to start a dress sock company that placed precedence on office appropriate styles made from the highest quality materials on the market. For the next year I worked tirelessly on nights and weekends to turn that dream into a reality. Less than one year later, I left that job to focus on getting Southern Scholar off the ground. My goal was to provide men all over the world with a better dress sock option and the styling know-how to get them excited about getting dressed in the morning. Southern Scholar was announced to the public at the end of 2015 and over the past 3+ years, we have definitely been successful in that regard. However, like all good startups, we continue to improve upon ourselves every day. Our primary focus is, and always will be, the quality of our product. I’ve spent the better half of my twenties relentlessly researching, testing, and re-engineering our socks to make them better for you. We’ve listened to the feedback from our members and tested dozens of material blends, fits, and cuts to develop our own version of the modern dress sock – and the result is truly amazing. I’m proud to introduce you to The Southern Scholar Difference.


Kevin Wohlman
Founder & CEO

My Promise
If these aren’t the best dress socks you’ve ever worn, I’ll give you your money back and let you keep the socks.