Winter is over but spring promises cool, wet weather. It’s time to spend more time outside but your regular shoes aren’t going to cut it. Adding classic boot styles to your wardrobe provides warmth and comfort, whether you’re off to work or enjoying a lazy weekend. These styles pair nicely with a cuffed pant or trouser to help show off your boots and keep your pants dry on snowy or wet pavement.

When looking for boots one of the most important attributes is a quality leather upper. That will give you the best durability and weatherproofing, which is key. Next, look for a boot that has the sole firmly stitched to its upper. Quality stitching allows for a long lasting boot that will be less likely to split at the sole with daily use. To really get the most value out of your boots, use a wax/leather conditioner. Conditioner provides a protective coating for the leather portions of your boot and helps reduce wear and tear. Good boots are an investment; treat them right, and they’ll keep your feet dry and warm.

When it comes to boots, one size doesn’t fit all. There are four different boot styles that complement different outfits and settings. These styles will favor your work attire as well as any casual weekend wear and will set you apart from the crowd.

The Chelsea Boot: the most versatile and comfortable style for your entire wardrobe. These boots look as good with a pair of chinos and a button down as they do with a leather jacket and jeans. We recommend a rounded toe for a more versatile look. Brands like TAFT and Blundstone make a wonderfully high quality Chelsea boot.

The Work Boot: An iconic boot for all of your casual needs. This durable piece of footwear has been designed for warmth, comfort, and some incredible grip for rugged conditions. You cannot go wrong with a pair of Thursday Boots, Red Wing’s, or TAFTs. Work boots pair best with casual outfits, such as jeans and a flannel, but do a great job of taking those casual looks up a notch (not to mention they are incredibly comfortable).

The Brogue Boot: Transform a classic shoe into a wardrobe workhorse. One of the great things about a Brogue Boot is that you can wear anything you normally would with a traditional Brogue shoe. With that being said, these boots do quite well with heavy knits, corduroy, tweed, and waxed or quilted jackets. This boot is stylish and versatile enough for both your casual and work wear needs. With their high quality and durability, you cannot go wrong with a Red Wing’s Brogue.

Pair Your Boots With A Great Pair Of Socks

Your boots will keep your feet dry but great men’s socks are what make them really stand out. Vibrant colors and bold patterns add some flair to your outfit and draw attention to your boots. Try cool socks like The Braxtons or The Vividly Violets to give your outfit some personality. Southern Scholar is committed to providing the best dress socks through our sock of the month club and providing you the style advice necessary to pair them with the rest of your look. Your sock subscription ensures that you’ll always have a great pair of socks that look great and feel even better.

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