How to Choose the Best Socks for Your Wardrobe and Lifestyle

best socksWhen we’re shopping for clothes to augment our wardrobe, socks are usually the last thing we think about. We tend to think of men’s socks as something that’s necessary, but unimportant, with very little bearing on the way we’re going to look — and nothing could be further from the truth.

Why Are Socks So Important?

Although they might seem insignificant at first glance, the right pair of socks can pull your entire outfit together and make all the difference in your overall look. A pair of socks can add dash and color to a dull suit, or bring together tones and colors so that they complement each other. When you’re dressing up, socks can make just as much of an impact as the perfect tie. When you’re dressing down, socks can take the place of a tie by making an outfit more interesting and appealing.

Likewise, the right socks can add significantly to your comfort level. If they’re not made of a quality, breathable material, your socks can increase perspiration in your feet, which leads to foot odor and irritation. Hot, itchy feet can make you miserable — especially if you’re somewhere where you can’t take your shoes off. Wearing the wrong socks can virtually spoil your day by making you intensely uncomfortable.

These tips will show you how to choose sock colors and patterns that will either tone in with what you’re wearing, or add a bit of interesting contrast without clashing.

Best Socks for Career Wear

When it comes to choosing the best dress socks, you need to choose something that tones in with your wardrobe, while reflecting your taste.

If you’re in a formal, serious setting (such as a crucial business meeting), solid colors are always the safest bet. Make sure to choose colors that tone in with your suit.

Matching Suit Color to Sock Color

• Black suit: Black, grey, charcoal socks (or dark plum/burgundy for a touch of color)

• Grey suit: Black, grey, charcoal socks

• Brown suit: Brown, tan socks

• Blue suit: Navy blue, medium blue socks (or dark plum/burgundy if you’re adventurous)

When patterns are appropriate, consider the situation. If your office encourages a more formal look, choose unobtrusive patterns such as pin-dot spots and variant textures of solid colors. If your workplace encourages a more casual look, you can experiment with fun patterns. For both formal and informal settings, argyles, thin stripes, and other micro-patterns are always a popular choice.


• Small pin-dot spots

• Argyle

• Thin stripes in muted colors

• Textured patterns


• Wider or more colorful stripes

• Larger Polka dots

• More bold color pallets

Best Sock Styles for Casual Wear

Anything goes when it comes to choosing socks for casual wear. This is where you can really let your imagination loose — but you should always keep the occasion in mind. Try to avoid colors that clash with the rest of your outfit; but otherwise, feel free to experiment with fun patterns and shades.


• Geometrics

• Novelty type socks (dogs, Van Gogh paintings, cartoon characters, etc.)

• Color blocks

• Dots of all sizes

• Stripes of all sizes

Sock Materials and the Importance of Quality

Sock materials are of prime importance for a variety of reasons. For one thing, poor quality fabrics don’t last, so cheap socks can be a real waste of money. Also, they’re not as comfortable because the cheap materials don’t stretch, cushion, or protect your feet.

Perhaps most importantly, cheap socks are made from low-quality fabrics that don’t breathe well. If you wear cheap socks, your feet might be an itchy, soggy mess by the end of the day — and trapped moisture can lead to fungus-type irritations and conditions, as well as foot odor. Plus, poorly-constructed, too-tight socks can compress your feet and ankles, which can lead to dangerous circulation problems.

Many of the best quality socks are made with a blend of fabrics. Thanks to improvements in modern synthetics, some of the highest quality socks are made of a blend of 32S/1 polyester combined with viscose rayon and a touch of nylon/spandex for stretch. This combination produces socks with superior durability, stretch and elasticity, as well as exceptional breathability, softness and comfort.

Benefits of Sock Subscriptions

Sock subscription boxes for men are a great idea — not only because they’re convenient, but also because they offer a wide range of hard-to-find patterns and styles at an affordable price. The best men’s subscription boxes feature versatile sock styles that can be used for a variety of occasions, from casual to career/formal. Plus, sock subscription boxes feature socks that are not only attractive but high quality as well. A good sock of the month club takes the guesswork out of shopping by offering breathable, cool socks in a range of colors and patterns, many of which are equally suitable for casual or business wear.

The next time you’re shopping for socks, be sure to look for quality materials and construction. At the end of the day, you’ll notice the difference — and your feet will thank you for it.

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