With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts – more specifically, a gift for your loyal boyfriend.

While some guys will be into certain things more than others, there is one thing most men have in common: They appreciate gifts that are useful. Because men can sometimes be difficult when it comes to gifts, here are some of our favorites gifts for boyfriends, ranked from 10 to 1.

10. Quality Grooming Products for the Well-Groomed Man

For men with beards, grooming products are a no-brainer. Organic hydrating oil and quality razors are some of our favorite grooming gifts for boyfriends. They are manly tools he will use every day. However, a set of disposable razors isn’t going to win you any gifting awards. Consider assembling a high-quality travel set if he’s always on the go, or gift him something with a level of craftsmanship that he can’t over look. Something he’ll use all the time that will turn shaving from a chore to an experience.

best gifts for boyfriend

9. Tools for the Technophile

Portable chargers, power banks, and hard drive disks. What do these items have in common? Sure they’re tech gadgets, but they’re also tools that will enhance your boyfriend’s digital life, making them the perfect gifts. You can help your man get organized without any nagging, which is one of the best ways to show you care. Better yet, does he have a secret wish list on Amazon? If so, you’re in luck! Find out his digital needs–and wants–then make them happen.

best gifts for boyfriend

8. A Kindle for the Sophisticated Reader

Is your boyfriend a bookworm? The most modern Kindles have no screen glare and longer battery life – up to a few weeks. You can also include a credit on his account so the first round of books is free. This is a sensible gift for boyfriends who enjoy reading but dislike carrying bulky hardbacks around.

Best gifts for boyfriends7. An Adventure for the Traveling Man

Instead of buying a material gift, consider a couple’s adventure. Look around your city for fun ideas; bungee-jumping and zip lines are popular ones to try. You can buy a gift card so he can schedule the date himself, but a surprise trip is more exciting for the two of you.

best gifts for boyfriend6. Gear and Supplements for the Workout Buff

Is your boyfriend a fitness buff? Would he like to have a more flexible schedule that allows him to work out at home? Maybe he’s having a hard time setting aside gym hours. Try gifting him a kettlebell set or pull-up bar for use in the comfort of his garage. If there is more space available, a workout bench with weights may be well-appreciated. If he prefers hitting the gym, try splurging for some great all-natural supplements to help him get started.

best gifts for boyfriend5. Tools and Utensils for the Grillmaster

Many men love to show off their cooking skills, and what better place to cook than the great outdoors? If your boyfriend falls into this category, consider gifting some new grilling utensils. Stainless steel spatulas, specialty knives, basting brushes–gift a whole set so he will be ready to grill! It will be a chance for him to get better at doing what he loves, and you both get to enjoy the delicious food.

best gift for boyfriend4. Automobile Accessories for the Car Enthusiast

A hands-free phone holder, a new sound system, new lights or winter wheels – what does your boyfriend need for his car? Automobile accessories are both sensible and thoughtful gifts for boyfriends. If you two are often on the road together, some new accessories can make those trips more fun and relaxing, too.

3. Games and Equipment for the Gamer

Is your boyfriend glued to his gaming screen every minute of the day? Then we don’t have to tell you it’s no use trying to change that. Encourage his hobby by gifting him what he likes. Maybe he’s been eyeing that newest video game or would prefer a certain game subscription. Better yet, the perfect gift could be a new flatscreen or noise-canceling headphones to enjoy the experience.

best gifts for boyfriend2. Memories You Can Both Enjoy

Turn all those videos stored in your smartphone into one movie you can both enjoy for years to come. Try any of the free online photobook editing tools available. This is one special gift he won’t find–or receive–anywhere else!

Best gifts for boyfriend

1. A Dress Sock Subscription for the Dapper Guy

Subscription boxes are a practical gift idea for your boyfriend. After all, they’re the gift that keeps on giving! The Southern Scholar Socks 1 Year Gentleman Membership includes dress socks for all occasions. Each pair is tailored to be incredibly soft, comfortable and durable, and includes a full style guide to help your man dress for the occasion.

Most discerning men are a little tired of the standard boyfriend gifts (no one really needs another monogrammed drinking flask, thanks). A thoughtful gift shows you put time and effort into your choice, which your loyal boyfriend will appreciate more than most. Hopefully, these gift ideas will get you started!

best gifts for boyfriends

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